Saturday, January 8, 2011

Been Awhile

I think it has been months. Well, the Christmas Season is over and it was great. Our Santa is very good at what he does. So, thanks to him for making wishes come true. Our 8 yr old son was particularly happy this year because of all the things he finally got that he had been wanting but was not ready for till now. The management and use of material objects takes responsibility. He was prone to breaking things but has become more coordinated and better at fine motor skills. So, he got a DSI, remote control car, Toy Story toys, coloring activity thing and clothes. We got a trampoline for the big motor skills. He got a pillow pet like his sister. It was one miracle after another for him. For so long he had been wanting these things and finally he got them. It has changed his life! He believes in Santa, I think. Or at least I think he thinks he had better pretend to believe or the stuff may not come. The life of a child.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just have to vent

It's really not venting in the traditional sense because, actually, that which I am "venting" about I really enjoy. I just finished a paper, am about to write another one on a topic I feel, at best, shaky about, and I have a final exam to do by tomorrow which is a day already packed with two soccer games (one I will have to miss) and three yoga classes to teach in addition to the regular daily life of keeping track of a family and feeding them. It is the schoolwork that is new to the mix of life. But I do like it. My husband can never understand it. I like my brain to be working. It makes me feel fresh, vibrant and young. Maybe it brings me back to feelings of being a child when every experience was a learning one. Maybe it just feels good because it is linked to feelings of accomplishment and future. Whatever the reason, just thought I would give myself a break and "vent" about all I have to do before getting back to it. The cool thing is that I am not tired and I don't anticipate being tired after it's all over. I imagine it will just energize me. That has to be a good thing.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The best thing about having kids is this - being able to still hug and kiss them even when they are grown up and being able to always talk sweet with them even when they are big.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our strange ways

We all have strange ways. Would everyone agree? Is there anyone who is completely pleasant and well-adjusted so as not to display any quirks that could bother anyone? Maybe. Our dog. Oliver, is pretty pleasant to have around. I think it's because he can't talk. Is that the answer? Say as little as possible? I don't know. I get uneasy around people who don't talk much. I wonder what's wrong and if they are feeling all right. Oliver doesn't talk and is cute. Not say much and be cute, is that the answer? Not completely. Oliver also feels just a few emotions: love, loyalty, patience, playfulness, protectiveness and the basic physical needs like hunger, thirst, etc. So therein is perhaps the key factor, keep things simple, basic and limited to the most amiable of emotions. I'll try it, starting now, don't talk much, keep feelings simple and take care of my basic needs. Oh, and look cute. Then I will be the most pleasant of people to be around and maybe those around me will follow suite. One can only hope.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Father Brother

I have to thank someone for putting this in my head. She has no idea how much she has given to me. Thank you.

The above is from a post in a writing workshop I am a member of. It was written by a writer whose correspondence I have been in touch with and been responding to. He went from thinking he had cancer to trying to quit smoking to getting a GED on the way to going to college. There were other dramatic moments throughout which we shared indirectly through our posts. I rarely responded directly to his entrees. Rather, I would write a poem, several on most days, in response, which shared my insight and feelings. I have to believe he read my posts as diligently as I read his because my vocabulary would show up in his entrees - words like "plan", "warrior" and "listen."

After reading the above tag to his entree called "College" I felt a surge in my heart and tears come to the surface. At the same time I shrugged it off thinking it's probably a lady friend. But something inside gives me hope that it might be me. Somehow my desire to help, dressed in the poems I wrote, may have made a difference in one man's life. He represents the father and brother that I care for yet was too young to help in their time of need. Maybe someday I will have a chance to tell him, "You're Welcome." If, he was talking about me, if.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Real Victory

I am about to disclose, that is, share something in public that is, by some standards, private. Whose standards? I'm not sure. Maybe standards I make up in my head. I don't know. Here it is. Twice in the last two days I have tasted true victory. It has to do with a party. Not the kind in someone's house with lots of people and music. No, this party is different. To the average observer, it's quiet and only involves one person, me.

I have to preface by saying that three days ago I arrived home from a 13 day vacation with my husband and four (out of five) children. We traveled several thousand miles through several states and saw beauties of this earth which can only have been created by God. We spent time with some of His people, ones we knew before and ones we just met. If that wasn't enough, well, brace yourself for this...we got closer to one another. The whole trip was about getting closer, to beauty in all its varieties, beautiful sights, creatures and souls. And we discovered the beauty of being a family together. Our unique personalities and sensibilities blending over long hours in the car. We marinated into each other and decided, in the end, that we are happy tobe stuck with the same last name, in the same living quarters, while on the road and back home.

The first victory after this trip came yesterday evening as I listened to James Taylor while making Chicken Lo Mein for dinner. My mom came into the kitchen intending, I believe, to chat. My son came in a few minutes after looking in cupboards as he often does. For what in particular I never really know, he just does it habitually while I am in the kitchen. I asked him about his plans for the evening. It turns out he will not be home for dinner. My mom is irked by that, always. She made some sort of disapproving laugh, thinking to get me in on the response. It has been a strangely political thing she does, trying to get me on her side against someone. It seems minor and it really is. She is not some lecherous, conniving presence in our home (although my husband would not shirk to say so). I don't even think she realizes what she does. Anyway, I was not going to be on her team. I said something friendly to my son and kept on cooking. My mom sat there for a few more moments, running out of things to say, then went to her room. The feeling of victory grew over a James Taylor song or two. I stayed my ground without getting offended by my mother. She can have her own little snitchiness. I don't have to. I knew how I wanted to feel, and I had the ability to feel it. I wanted to feel love.

Second victory came this morning after I received an email from my church leader. I had sent out a notice yesterday about yoga classes I will be teaching in our area and wanted to invite the ladies from my church. My leader has some words of advice about protocol and propriety. I was at first taken aback, but not too far back. I quickly thanked my leader for the tips. As I drove home from work (where I had read the email), I decided to send another email of apology. Once again, the feeling of victory grew as I sat in the car and outlined what I would say. I decided to tell the ladies that I still love them, which I do. I understood how important propriety is for some people. I knew how I wanted to feel, and I had the ability to feel it.

This is when I felt the party. I didn't feel it yesterday. I felt it today while driving in my car. The party is inside of me. It was an after victory party, in this case, two victories. The first one felt good. But this one feels great. I've realized I'm onto something here. I can have a party inside no matter what is going on outside. It felt like a churning energy source inside that can't be extinguished from without. It is a feeling of being in control, not of others, but of myself. I don't have a name for it. I can't relate it to anything I've learned in a book or in life. I think I am going to let it sit, grow and continue to reveal itself to me for the rest of my life.

I've got a party going on inside and the more someone tries to blow it out, the stronger it gets.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I attended a Prenatal Teacher Training (yoga) this past weekend. We learned about deep procession work, among other things. It involves imagining yourself talking to someone you have unresolved issues with in order to work things out and hopefully, feel better. We didn't have all the time in the world so we were encouraged to choose a person that we can handle in just a little bit of time. I chose someone minor in my life to have this therapeutic conversation with - our partners pretended to be this person and just listened with no responses. It was interesting and exhausting. I wanted to just sleep when I got home and didn't want to talk to anyone. My point is this. I don't really have that much baggage. It would seem so because of all that has happened to me in my life. But it has all been other people's stuff dumping on me. On my own, as an individual I have not really messed up my life. I actually feel quite light. It is a good feeling. Additionally, as I went through a mental list of people to have issues with - parents, significant others, etc -I realized that I've pretty much resolved them in my heart. I don't have any really serious issues with anyone. That's a good feeling too. Lastly, I understand a little more why we need the atonement of Jesus Christ. The reason I can be so well, in spite of all the bad stuff that has happened to me is because the Savior suffered not only for my sins but for my suffering as well. I have felt his healing power come into my life when I have suffered at the hands of others. I really am all right and that is a miracle. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ I really am made whole. I love Him.